New legislation for casinos in Sweden

There is a new legislation since 2019 in Sweden which requires online casinos who operates on the Swedish market having a gamble license. Previously any online casino could operate without any specific requirements except the ordinary legislation within actual topics. There are detailed information about gambling licensing in Sweden. In short there are are good aspects and bad aspects about licensing. Mainly good aspects actually.

Good points about licensing

For years and years Sweden had a gambling monopoly instead of gambling licensing. This thing has been applied to live casinos for years, but it could not get applied to online casinos since the law was made long time before the internet arrised among ordinary people. The main strong point by using a gambling licensing instead is the increased control. This makes it possible to lock out (more or less) competitiors that don’t act in a good manor. It could also make it a little easier for big and established online casinos to opperate their business.

It seems like many people overall being possitive to this change. I can’t confirm this with statistics and a good source, but among those I been talking with most people have been looking forward to this. The Swedish government did also put a service online called, where you can “paus” your gambling in any licensed casino in Sweden. This can be done up to a couple of years or so. This is a great step forward for people who having problems to control their gambling habbits. It is also a good standpoint from a ethical perspective. For online business within the field it can be more lucrative to opperate as well. This especially applices to established online casinos.

Why licensing could be a bad

There are some weak points as well. One thing is it can eliminate the affiliate market (such as this websites) where good pros and cons about different casinos. Websites where you can compare online casinos might dissapear which can make it harder to choose a good casino. It might be harder to maintain information, reviews, guides or even finding good promo codes. There are speculations it could eliminate the affiliate markets, but there are also speculations it will boost the affiliate market. This is a thing that happened in Denmark for instance.

Then the other bad thing is that politicans might not always do the “best” thing that is the best for the people. Politicans can pretend they are the hereos while they act as the villians. That is their expertize. There is an insane amount of money in this business and if the goverment can get a piece of the cake, they might try to get that. It is ugly but fully natural among the nature of governemnts worldwide and especially among socialistic governemnts.

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