Don’t let gambling take over your life

Gambling is a fun thing. Entertaining for most people and even a lucrative profession for some. For a few people in the society gambling gets a bad thing. They gamble too much and will be losing control. Myself, I have been very close to be there. I learnt that it is not a good thing to do, so I decided to stop gamble myself and instead earn money on other gamblers. I think it might be a good decision in the long term, despite this website is on an early stage.

When you have to reconsider

Personally, I was not as deep as some other people was. I gambled way too much so I was just able to pay my rent, my food, my phone and other necessities. I couldn’t stop it. When I was loosing I felt that I should win the money back. Some times I did but most times I did not. so, the bank always win. At least in the long term. I also gambled too much on travels. I never ever borrowed money because I never had an credit card. Today I am happy that I never got one.

However, those problems that I had was never on regular basis. Maybe 1 or 2 times a year this thing happened for years. But 3 years ago I won 4000 USD on roulette by using the multiplication method (on red or black) but I lost all of it. Then I lost another 1500 USD. I decided it went way too far and stop it once and for all.

Help with personal finances

Many people borrow money for gambling. In Sweden and some other countries you can get billed when you gamble. You can play on credit. People with problems applies for payday loans. My personal recommendation is to avoid those loans. There are still good loans you can apply for. If you’re based in Sweden like I am, I could recommend That’s a great place to apply for loans. It’s not just a place to apply for loans, it’s a great place to compare loans as well.

Loans should be applied with caution. Some lenders got high fees and are not a good choice. Some lenders provide bad terms and some lenders provides specific terms that might not fit everybody. That is why you should compare loans in first place. Don’t just apply for the credit available at the online casino. It might not be a cheapest option.

If you got debts already, maybe you can also try to collection your unpayed credits in one big loan. That’s great idea if you have been gambling at various online casinos with different creditors. If you read about this for the first time, it can truly be a second chance to manage your personal finances before it gets too late.

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