A casino platform require good devs

I had a good friend here in Sweden called Claes. He used to say  “a skilled software developer would be needed for any growing business”. This is not completely true today, but the fact is that development can extend your opportunities a lot. This is completely true no matter if you work within the IT spectrum or if you are looking for skilled employees at 98 % of those growing companies out there.

You should hire skilled professionals

A very common mistake for CEO’s and recruiters is to build the organization with less skilled professionals. Skilled people for most positions, especially when it comes to management could be challenging to find. To my knowledge, a company in Sweden called Cybercom had some problems to to find a skilled CSO recently. This is a company that got both muscles (money) and a very good business network, still they had a problem to find someone skilled enough for their need.

There are not only good managers that could be hard to find. IT-professionals as well. If you like to hire someone that is really skilled you could lookout for consultants like Sweasoftware.se or similar. Those are highly recommended whatever you need to create a website, a gambling platform, if you like to digitize something that is not digital, or got some other needs. Don’t do mistakes, other people have already done. If you’re into a new project, be sure that you hire a skilled professional. Don’t miss those good guys out there, because they really exist despite they could be hard to find sometimes.

Make your own casino platform?

For a casino platform, you truly need to have a skilled developer (or more likely a “team”)  except if you are buying an already finished CMS. There are a few solutions available. For instance you can buy one if are looking out at some of these gambling forums online. Most likely, it won’t be enough because you might need to customize it. This is needed if you like to make your platform unique and branded. So, a software developer is a must have these days.

First thing you should know if you will consider to have your own casino platform is that it’s not cheap. Expect 4 million USD (at least) for a casino platform. Except the casino platform you will need customer service, marketing professionals, legal permissions and a lot other things and those doesn’t come cheap. Then, it’s also good to know that this is a extremely competitive business. You can lose it all if you won’t be successful, like any other business.


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